but I am bound to make mistakes

January 9, 2007

Date #2.5

Lesson Learned: Know what an underwriter is and beware of anyone who asks scenarios questions.

Story: meet guy on-line. Sent me an e-mail and we corresponded. Met for coffee (it was good coffee). He wanted to apple cider (not a fan of apple cider, it make me sick) but they were out. Talked about Disneyland, Star Wars, Red Cross, being Jewish, Beauty and the Geek, the Economist, and oh yes... insurance. When I asked him point blank "do you consider yourself a geek?" he answered that he had geek qualities. He plays video games about once a day, and here is clincher: is looking for girls that have the 3 S's : smart, sexy, and sophisticated. Don't tell me that you moron, that is something you don't tell a girl on the first "date".

However, I did my best and f----- up royally (though apparently he didn't notice b/c he has decided that I warrant a second date). He asked if I have ever thought of a career in underwriting? I interrupted his question with a big NO but when he repeated his questions I answered (very seriously) "I don't like to write". IDIOT. Found out an hour later from my mother that underwriters do very little writing. Talk about poor titleage for your job.

Guess I don't fill the first S.

Date #2

Lesson learned: date must like cats

Story: friend called and was hungry so he decided to stop by and I volunteered (ha) to watch him eat lunch at a restaurant. I had already eaten. He told me, when asked, that he was deathly allergic to cats. Okie dokie, don't come in my house. I told him that I had to iron my hair and made him believe that I actually put it on an ironing board and iron it. So of course, HE HAD TO SEE IT. He came into my shack, saw my beautiful straightening iron and within 15 minutes was blown up like a inflatable pool, crying, and blowing his nose. Poor Chloe, she did nothing and Cosmo hid under the bed. Friend had to leave. Saw him at dancing later, he was much better and a good sport.

Date #1

Lesson Learned : Don't wear shoes that make your feet bleed, period.

Long story short for those who haven't heard it: went on a date with a friend, friend ordered too much Indian food not realizing I don't eat that much, and then while walking 10 blocks to the bar adjusted my shoe. Inside shoe was blood soaked foot. Nasty.Drank toom uch beer and said while playing pool "do you mind if I move your balls?" not realizing the connotation that has. Oops.

Finally got home, was sooo sick by this point, woke up the next morning and the cat threw up. What did it throw up you ask? My hair band.


Yeah, I made a blog. I don't know how long it will last as Anne has noted that they are hard to keep up and I am clearly not good at those type of things. However I don't want to jam up people's inboxes with my dating stories and I figure that this is a good alternate. Sorry on the advice of many friends here goes nothing (well, actually something).