Really, I Can Do This...

but I am bound to make mistakes

March 29, 2007

Confessions of a JDate Newbie

JDate is so much better than Match.

It is cheaper, you get IM abilities, and there are so many men. Not all of them perfect, but enough that caught my eye. So far after 3 days I have 15 e-mails from potential suitors and have been communicating with several of them. I have collected two phone numbers, been asked out on one date, and had one marriage proposal (just kidding on the last one).

One of the people who e-mailed me isn't even Jewish but he is black and I am thrilled! Another one went by "IAmNoSchmuck" and what a schmuck he is, he didn't even return my e-mails. Another went by "CreamedSpinach" and I wrote him just to tell him that I like creamed spinach. He didn't write back. Same goes for the guy who liked banana flavored desserts. Putz. I should stay away from men who declare their food tastes on the internet.

Speaking of food, something I did notice on JDate that distingushs it from other dating websites is that it asks you to check off all the different types of food you like and gives you about twenty choices. Definitely built by Jewish people. I actually like that, it helps distinguish commonalities.

Well, I have one month to make my mark on JDate. Hopefully I will either meet someone fabulous or at least gather more fodder for my blog of sorts.


My subscription to finally ended. Good thing too, I was way over it and not in the mood to tdate anymore for a while.

I need more time. I still miss Ben a great deal and while I don't have any plans to date him again at least for a VERY LONG TIME I still miss him and the good parts of the relationship. It is still hard coming home to an empty house with all of our stuff in it. It gets lonely and sad.

So I joined Jdate.

A lasso full of boys

It's over with Asian Persuassion. He was "broken" if you know what I mean so that wasn't working out too well and we had nothing in common. He seemed to think otherwise but I think he just had too much faith in on-line dating. Well, at least more than me.

Mr. Every time I go on a date with her she has a bloody foot and I have been playing awkward phone tag where he calls, I call him back a day later and then he calls me three weeks later. It is fun and I feel like I have created a new game. Now his buddy (who I know as well) is callling me to "get together". Never mind that this buddy has a wife and a one day old baby. Never mind that at all. I have yet to return his phone calls.

Then there is Kim Jong Il. Kim and I are doing well, not fabulous where we want to be in each other's arms every minute of the day and frankly that's okay. There isn't that much of a connection and I have a feeling that it isn't going to work out (he likes Pepsi) but I think we have found the perfect dance partner in each other which fine by me because I need one and we are still good friends.

We do have a new character to add to the game though: meet Mr. Blanket. Blanket is for his referral to the extra weight he carries "my blanket that I need take off by summer". Went on one date but it didn't work and we went back to being friends. The referral to his weight as a blanket scared me a bit too but it was pretty funny.

February 18, 2007

Date #7

Lesson Learned: back massage always earns brownie long as it is good

Date #7: Really a continuation of date number #5 (Asian Persuassion). Came over tonight and we went and got some coffee. Between the two of us we managed to use up the remiander of our gift cards. Then we went for a dip in the spa. Lovely night, just right for a dip. Too bad the coffee didn't agree with me but thank goodness for the bubbling jets. I think he thinks I am big nerd though, I referenced Star Wars and Marvel Comics in one conversation. I haven't told him about my days as a sex health educator...yet. Anyways, had a nice time together, opened up a bit more to each other and he was very suave and I mean suave. It was actually really nice as I appreciate someone who takes it slow. All in all, I think he has earned a third date. Cats aren't sure about him though. Cosmo hid.

February 11, 2007

Date #6

Lesson Learned: Patience is always rewarded...

Going back to Date #1, we learned that my shoes make my feet bleed and they did so on that particular date with that particular person. I never thought I would hear from him again but I have waited a year for him and now was my chance. So I sent him a text and low and behold he called and we met up Saturday night. He came over for dinner and since I had my mother shouting at me from SF about always cooking enough food for a small army, I cooked a hug meal for two and was very fearful that there wouldn't be enough food for him. Of course there was and now I have leftovers. Like a gentleman, he rinsed all the dishes while I changed into a salsa appropriate outfit (something you move in that accents your chest) and we headed off to the club at around 9:30. Danced all night, had a way too powerful Amaretto Sour and bumped into too many people. Around 12:30, we went out to the dance floor to dance again and mid song this chick with crazy stripper stilettos was turning and her heel landed on my toe. As she moved it, it created this large gash in my toe. It hurt like hell but I kept dancing until the end of the song. Don't ask, crazy dancer mentality. We did leave after that song due to injury and what the hell? everytime I see him I bleed. This is not good.

Came back to my place and had a grand ol' time. Cats were okay with him, I think they liked Date #4 (Kim Jong Il) a lot more. Date #6 left at 4:00 a.m. Yipee!

I am now exahusted. Next weekend there are no dates lined up yet...

Date #4-6 aka 3 dates in 24 hours

What a whirlwind weekend! 3 dates in 24 hours is postively exausting but a great boost to one's ego.

Date #4
Date (Kim Jong Il) arrived 20 minutes early. I was still straightening my hair and wasn't even dressed. Had to tell him to wait 10 miutes in the car, not a good start. However he did pick me up in super nice car (for once) and we went to a movie and dinner. Movie was scary to say the least (Hannibal Rising) and no I didn't jump in his lap; and dinner was interesting. We walked into the restaurant and while being escorted to our table who do we see but my white trash neighbors. We ended up sitting right behind them. Needless to say I was completely preoccupied by this siutation for the enitre dinner. I was also sitting on the crack in the booth so that was uncomfortable. I had a salad and when my date commented on how little I eat he patted my stomach at the same time. Don't understand that move. White trash neighbors never saw us, better off that way. Date came back to the house and we talked for a while, he stared at my chest, he liked the cats and the cats liked him which was a good sign. Mr. Il went home at around 1:00 a.m.

Lesson Learned: to be determined

Date #5

Meet this one on-line. We will call him the Asian Persuassion (thanks Zona). Nice guy, had lunch on Sat. at Gabbi's in Orange. First off, he comented on my hair and how it was straight not curly and then inquired about how long it took to straighten. Converstaion was okay, he likes outdoor sports and going to dingy bars. He owns his own business selling aftermarket parts for BMWs , etc. He dressed in a pseudo asian rocker/OC style which was nice. I seem to be on rough rider streak. We talked a lot about martial arts and comdex in vegas. Mentioned that I have a jacuzzi and he is welcome to come anytime and use it. I kid you not he called about half an hour ago and left a message about getting together to use it. Hhmmm...

Lesson learned: have jacuzzi and they will come

Date #6 gets it's own post...

Date #3

Supposed to meet Mr. X at a restaurant in Tustin and got stood up. Went hme and watched three hourse of CSI Miami with the cats.

Lesson Learned: pretending to talk on the cell phone while waiting from someone is a good trick.