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March 29, 2007

Confessions of a JDate Newbie

JDate is so much better than Match.

It is cheaper, you get IM abilities, and there are so many men. Not all of them perfect, but enough that caught my eye. So far after 3 days I have 15 e-mails from potential suitors and have been communicating with several of them. I have collected two phone numbers, been asked out on one date, and had one marriage proposal (just kidding on the last one).

One of the people who e-mailed me isn't even Jewish but he is black and I am thrilled! Another one went by "IAmNoSchmuck" and what a schmuck he is, he didn't even return my e-mails. Another went by "CreamedSpinach" and I wrote him just to tell him that I like creamed spinach. He didn't write back. Same goes for the guy who liked banana flavored desserts. Putz. I should stay away from men who declare their food tastes on the internet.

Speaking of food, something I did notice on JDate that distingushs it from other dating websites is that it asks you to check off all the different types of food you like and gives you about twenty choices. Definitely built by Jewish people. I actually like that, it helps distinguish commonalities.

Well, I have one month to make my mark on JDate. Hopefully I will either meet someone fabulous or at least gather more fodder for my blog of sorts.

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JayJay said...

How weird about the food preference guys! Maybe they are too busy eating to get back to anyone?

You should get a few good meals out of it anyway!