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March 29, 2007

A lasso full of boys

It's over with Asian Persuassion. He was "broken" if you know what I mean so that wasn't working out too well and we had nothing in common. He seemed to think otherwise but I think he just had too much faith in on-line dating. Well, at least more than me.

Mr. Every time I go on a date with her she has a bloody foot and I have been playing awkward phone tag where he calls, I call him back a day later and then he calls me three weeks later. It is fun and I feel like I have created a new game. Now his buddy (who I know as well) is callling me to "get together". Never mind that this buddy has a wife and a one day old baby. Never mind that at all. I have yet to return his phone calls.

Then there is Kim Jong Il. Kim and I are doing well, not fabulous where we want to be in each other's arms every minute of the day and frankly that's okay. There isn't that much of a connection and I have a feeling that it isn't going to work out (he likes Pepsi) but I think we have found the perfect dance partner in each other which fine by me because I need one and we are still good friends.

We do have a new character to add to the game though: meet Mr. Blanket. Blanket is for his referral to the extra weight he carries "my blanket that I need take off by summer". Went on one date but it didn't work and we went back to being friends. The referral to his weight as a blanket scared me a bit too but it was pretty funny.

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