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February 11, 2007

Date #4-6 aka 3 dates in 24 hours

What a whirlwind weekend! 3 dates in 24 hours is postively exausting but a great boost to one's ego.

Date #4
Date (Kim Jong Il) arrived 20 minutes early. I was still straightening my hair and wasn't even dressed. Had to tell him to wait 10 miutes in the car, not a good start. However he did pick me up in super nice car (for once) and we went to a movie and dinner. Movie was scary to say the least (Hannibal Rising) and no I didn't jump in his lap; and dinner was interesting. We walked into the restaurant and while being escorted to our table who do we see but my white trash neighbors. We ended up sitting right behind them. Needless to say I was completely preoccupied by this siutation for the enitre dinner. I was also sitting on the crack in the booth so that was uncomfortable. I had a salad and when my date commented on how little I eat he patted my stomach at the same time. Don't understand that move. White trash neighbors never saw us, better off that way. Date came back to the house and we talked for a while, he stared at my chest, he liked the cats and the cats liked him which was a good sign. Mr. Il went home at around 1:00 a.m.

Lesson Learned: to be determined

Date #5

Meet this one on-line. We will call him the Asian Persuassion (thanks Zona). Nice guy, had lunch on Sat. at Gabbi's in Orange. First off, he comented on my hair and how it was straight not curly and then inquired about how long it took to straighten. Converstaion was okay, he likes outdoor sports and going to dingy bars. He owns his own business selling aftermarket parts for BMWs , etc. He dressed in a pseudo asian rocker/OC style which was nice. I seem to be on rough rider streak. We talked a lot about martial arts and comdex in vegas. Mentioned that I have a jacuzzi and he is welcome to come anytime and use it. I kid you not he called about half an hour ago and left a message about getting together to use it. Hhmmm...

Lesson learned: have jacuzzi and they will come

Date #6 gets it's own post...

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