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February 11, 2007

Date #6

Lesson Learned: Patience is always rewarded...

Going back to Date #1, we learned that my shoes make my feet bleed and they did so on that particular date with that particular person. I never thought I would hear from him again but I have waited a year for him and now was my chance. So I sent him a text and low and behold he called and we met up Saturday night. He came over for dinner and since I had my mother shouting at me from SF about always cooking enough food for a small army, I cooked a hug meal for two and was very fearful that there wouldn't be enough food for him. Of course there was and now I have leftovers. Like a gentleman, he rinsed all the dishes while I changed into a salsa appropriate outfit (something you move in that accents your chest) and we headed off to the club at around 9:30. Danced all night, had a way too powerful Amaretto Sour and bumped into too many people. Around 12:30, we went out to the dance floor to dance again and mid song this chick with crazy stripper stilettos was turning and her heel landed on my toe. As she moved it, it created this large gash in my toe. It hurt like hell but I kept dancing until the end of the song. Don't ask, crazy dancer mentality. We did leave after that song due to injury and what the hell? everytime I see him I bleed. This is not good.

Came back to my place and had a grand ol' time. Cats were okay with him, I think they liked Date #4 (Kim Jong Il) a lot more. Date #6 left at 4:00 a.m. Yipee!

I am now exahusted. Next weekend there are no dates lined up yet...

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Amanda said...

you "had a grand ol' time" eh... I may need some details ;)